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     The  60's       





The 1960s is without question the most original, creative, and intense decade in modern American history. With wars on all fronts: political, social, racial, artistic and philosophical, the 60's moved to the rhythms and words of Muhammad Ali, Free Love, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Turn on, Tune in, Drop out, and many other revolutionary artists and leaders, in an all-out fight for freedom! Acid, marijuana, mescaline, heroin, psychedelic mushrooms, and just thinking for yourself, all became new powers of protest, ways out, and declarations of independence against the old guard.

" There is a Season "


The shocking assassinations and deaths of President John F. Kennedy, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and protesting college students, set fire to the country! A fire that lit the birth of the Hippie, the Hell's Angels, the Black Panthers, and the Manson Family. All the while, the Vietnam War, one of the most unpopular wars in American history, became the bedrock of protest, patriotism, and civil unrest.

" Turn, Turn, Turn "


By the end of the decade, the senseless 1969 slaughter of actress Sharon Tate and the universally captivating Moon Landing, held the world's breath with fear and hope. It was the decade of decades to experience. It was the Court of the Crimson King.

Note to Visitors  


The 1960's RetroRoom is strictly an in-person experience. No photos, videos, phones, or recording devices are allowed.


Due to disturbing content and mature persuasive themes, you must be 21 years or older to enter this room.



This room is ONLY available to be experienced at:

8:00pm Friday-Saturday

"To Everything
  Turn, Turn, Turn"






Given the nature of this experience, the following rules apply to ALL visitors:

1. Phones and any other recording devices MUST be left outside the room to enter.

2. DO NOT touch anything inside this room (most important).

3. DO NOT sit anywhere inside this room.

4. Watch your step upon entering, and at all times.

5. After your visit inside this room, you are not allowed inside this room again. *No exceptions and under no circumstances. This is a one time experience.


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