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Do I have to make an appointment to visit the museum? 




ICONS is a deeply exclusive, higher consciousness art experience that has strict rules for visitation.

No walk-in visits are allowed under any circumstance.


You may request a visit here 

Can I pay for my appointment in person at the museum?


All visits are prepaid.

What's the difference between day and night tours?

Day tours last 1 hour and include our portrait showcase + 2 RetroRoom adventures (80s and 90s).


$95 per person.

Night tours last 1 hour 30 minutes and include our portrait showcase + 3 RetroRoom adventures (80s and 90s + our very special 60s room experience).


$149 per person.

*Note all guests must be 21 or older to enter 60s room.


Do kids get in free?



Children 15 and under enjoy free admission and are encouraged to attend. 


Are pictures or videos allowed?



We don't allow visitor photos or videosHowever, we will take pictures of your experience and email them to you after your visit. 

Are drinks or food allowed?



We do not allow drinks of any kind or food inside the museum. 

Are shoes allowed?



We maintain a pure and sacred environment. Please remove your shoes prior to entering the museum.


*Clean socks recommended.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Preparations for each appointment are considerableHence, if your appointment is approved and booked, it is final. And no refunds will be issued. We do offer one free rescheduling if you happen to miss your appointment due to an emergency. 

Is ICONS on social media?


Why does the 60's RetroRoom only show at night?

It's not a daytime experience.


The 60's room is the crown jewel of our museum. Given the themes, forces, and subject matter, it is NOT something to be experienced during daylight hours. Rest assured, this room is unlike anything you have ever seen, felt, or imagined. *Must be 21 or older to enter.  

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