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Do I have to make an appointment to visit the museum? 


ICONS is an exclusive art and cultural experience.

All visitors must book an appointment prior to visiting.

No walk-in visits are allowed under any circumstance.


You may book online here or call (800) 789-5840

to schedule your visit.

Can I pay for my appointment in person at the museum?


All visits are prepaid when you book your appointment. We reserve the museum ahead of time for your exclusive experience and prep with immaculate cleaning (no chemicals) and purified air before each appointment. Guests will enjoy one of the purest and cleanest indoor environments on Earth.

What does the ICONS tour include?

Your tour includes 1 hour of exclusive private access to the entire museum for you and your guest(s), and is personally curated and guided by the artist and creator himself.


Do kids get in free?



Children 15 and under enjoy free admission and are highly encouraged to attend. 

Do you offer reduced admission for low income households?


$3 per (SNAP) card holder.


We are a proud member of the nationwide federal initiative Museums For All.


We believe economics should never deter anyone from enjoying a great art experience. It's a birthright.

Please call us at (800) 789-5840 if you plan on visiting the museum using the Museums For All program.


Are pictures or videos allowed?




the museum will take photos of your experience and send them to you via email after your visit. Once you receive your official photos, you are welcome to share them freely

Are drinks or food allowed?


We do not allow drinks of any kind or food inside the museum. 

Are shoes allowed?


We highly recommend taking your shoes off for a more connected experience, but removing your shoes is optional and completely up to you.

How long does my tour last?

1 hr.

All appointments start on time. Visitors have 1 full hour to enjoy and engage in all the museum and RetroRooms have to offer!


Why are some portraits framed and others are not?

All unframed icons are still living.

All framed icons have passed away.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Preparations for each appointment are considerable. Please inform us immediately if you need to cancel your appointment. Refunds will not be given within 1 hour of your appointment time. If you miss your appointment you may reschedule free of charge.

Is ICONS on social media?


 We hold a strong anti-social media stance.

However, we do plan on posting a YouTube promotional trailer video in the near future.


Disclaimer to parents:

The museum contains references to drug, alcohol, and tobacco consumption within a historical and learning context; as well as profanity that may be inappropriate for children under 13.

All rights reserved.


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