Prodigiously designed and created by the vision of one American artist, and led by an esteemed and socially minded board of directors, THE ICONS MUSEUM stands alone as the world's only art museum dedicated to showcasing the defining creative individuals and cultural products of the modern era. With unparalleled privacy, presentation, and artistic depth, our nonprofit museum offers a world-class art and cultural experience to all generations of visitors.


Artist/creator Matthew Montero explains:

"My vision was to create an art experience that was a gift to culture and the world. I feel one of the greatest aspects of ICONS is that it shows how art and creativity is a great equalizer in society. The artists I have portrayed come from all different experiences and backgrounds. And when looking at them all together, the thoughts of race, gender, and petty differences vanish, and we just focus on the harmony and the tremendous art they gave the world. I wanted to highlight this elegance, oneness, and redemptive power in one complete experience." 


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A Visionary Art Experience 

Touring the museum with the artist and creator, as your guide, is a moving and heightened sensory experience. The exceptional detail, oneness with nature, sense of reflection, symphony of history, and the exquisite care that every visitor receives, is a testament to the artist's remarkable dedication to delivering 'a total work of art'. 


"The Portraits", painted entirely with Montero's bare hands (no tools or brushes) and raw house paint, carry a deep substance, originality, and subject unity, never-before-seen in modern or contemporary art. 


Tom Lollar of Columbia University states:

"He is capturing the essence of his subject, which is extremely interesting and difficult, and is doing so through such a unique visceral process of using his hands to paint instead of brushes. He has created something very special that people of all backgrounds are resonating with."


Visitor photographs © The ICONS Museum.


Unlike Any Other


Surrounded by lush and private nature, the museum displays a rotating collection of 60+ portraits, 100's of pristine retro products, and a number of iconic modern sculptures, that deeply reflects the Crème de la Crème of artists, innovators, and cultural movers, who have transformed the modern world through imagination and original creativity.


Montero states: 

"I select deep artists whom time has rewarded, who gave everything for their art and had a magic about them that cannot be imitated. They all suffered immensely for their work. And, at the end of the day, that is what ICONS is all about: a deep, human connection with the most significant artists and cultural movers of all time. Pioneers who were authentically and expressively themselves, one of one."


For Generations to Come

Ultimately, it is with this type of uncompromising vision and flawless execution, that Montero, and THE ICONS MUSEUM, have managed to uplift people of all ages.

As the artist and founder reveals:


"Art belongs to the people. It is there to challenge, experience, nourish, appreciate, and learn from."     

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