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Judy Garland

24 x 24 "

American. (1922-1969)

Considered a living legend in her time, Judy Garland's timeless portrayal as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz earned her universal fame that never ceased. In her adult life, she struggled with heavy drug and alcohol abuse that caused her to lose many roles. Despite her personal tragedy, Judy Garland's legacy is one of triumph. She was a gifted actress, singer, and stage performer who was the most commercially successful female star of her time. Her two daughters, Lizza Minelli & Lorna Luft, also went on to become show business success stories. In the end, Judy Garland will always be remembered and adored as the innocent young girl following "The Yellow Brick Road" and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".    

Stood for: Resilience, Hope, Love

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