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The Psychedelic Shop has long been hailed as America's first, most famous, and most notorious headshop. It opened on January 3, 1966 at 1535 Haight St in San Francisco, California. It was originally run by the Thelin brothers Ron and Jay, who were deeply committed to the counter culture ​and a new enlightenment. The shop quickly became a haven, Mecca, and gathering place for the Haight-Ashbury community. Timothy Leary was a frequent visitor, as well as famous bands like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. The shop sold psychedelic books, posters, clothing, marijuana, lcd, mushrooms, and paraphernalia. It permanently closed on October 6, 1967 and joined the "Death of the Hippie" ceremony and funeral, which signaled the end to the Summer of Love. In 2022, the icons museum revived the shop's legacy and trademarked the rights to the world famous logo. 

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