George Lucas

24 x 24 "

American. (1944-Present)

As the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas is one of the world's greatest living artists. His filmmaking gift was first noticed when he wrote and directed American Graffiti in 1973. His next film, Star Wars, would change the movie & toy industry forever. He waived his 1 million dollar directing fee and instead took the licensing and merchandising rights that would give him complete control and ownership over all future Star Wars films and merchandising. His other film franchise, Indiana Jones, was also an immense success. In 2005, he was awarded the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2015 took The Kennedy Center Honors which awards those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture. Today, he works on small independent films that please him personally. 

Stands for: ImaginationPersistence, Dedication, Innovation

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