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George Carlin

24 x 24 "

American. (1937-2008)

Renowned as one of the greatest comedians of all time, George Carlin transformed the face of stand-up comedy from tired and stayed one-liners, into brazen truth-telling social commentary. With a career spanning 40+ years, numerous accolades, and an incredible 14 HBO specials, it is no wonder why Jerry Seinfeld declared "You could certainly say that George downright invented modern American stand-up comedy in many ways. Every comedian does a little George." Having authored 3 best-selling books, Carlin always considered himself a writer, who subsequently performed his own material. He went on writing and performing right up until his death at the age of 71. Ultimately, he was most proud that his work cannot be ignored when writing the history of comedy. 

Stood for: Passion, Expression, Dedication, Innovation




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