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Charles Manson

(3) 11 x 14"


American. (1934-2017)

Musician, environmentalist, philosopher, cult leader, career criminal, and master conspirator of one of the most shocking crimes in American History, Charles Manson is etched in history as one of the most dangerous and seductive personalities of modern times. Influenced by the Beatles and the 60s liberation movement, Manson attacked the establishment with vicious regard. His planning of the Tate—LaBianca murders in Los Angeles were intended to bring "death to pigs" and incite a race war within the United States; with the ultimate goal of him taking over leadership. Manson brainwashed his loyal group of followers to commit grisly acts of violence that led to one of the most memorable criminal trials in American history. He and his "family" were convicted and sentenced to death, but a law change in California converted their sentence to life in prison. Manson spent the rest of life writing letters and giving many chilling interviews to the press behind bars. His life and story has been the subject of numerous articles, books, tv shows, documentaries, and major Hollywood films. He was considered by society, as one of the most dangerous men alive and the embodiment of evil itself. He died in prison in 2017.

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