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Andy Kaufman

30 x 30 "

American. (1949-1984)

As one of America's greatest and most ingenious performance artists, Andy Kaufman blurred the lines between comedy and reality. His legendary entertainment acts, filled with outlandish characters, shocking hoax's, and confrontational ruses, broke new ground and made him into one of the most influential comedic personalities of all time.

As a lifelong nonsmoker, Kaufman was aghast to learn that he was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 35. His diagnosis was so sudden that many believed, at the time, he was faking his own death as just another elaborate hoax to fool the public. He passed shortly after his diagnosis. His life and legacy was portrayed by actor/comedian Jim Carrey in the 1999 biopic, Man on the Moon.

Stood for: Originality, Freedom, Risk-taking




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