The  90's   





Often referred to as the high point in American history, the 1990s represented a time of care-free exploration, balance, acceptance, and cultural integration that was never before seen. With technology and animation finally unleashed in a broad new way, the opportunity to create and entertain flourished like never before...Artists like Mike Judge, Trey Parker/Matt Stone, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jim Carrey, Metallica, and 311, all found new breath in a culture that was now open to embrace their unconventional expression. Yet, in the midst of such exploration, a few insightful writers and thinkers were contemplating, "Is this just newly packaged low-calorie entertainment, or genuine art?". Beautifully, ironically, and in the respect of time, the answer to this 'decades-old debate' STILL rests with the current observer.

Note to Visitors  

The 90's ICONS RetroRoom is strictly an in-person experience. All photos featured on this website are simply a teaser for the actual experience. 

"Infinite Jest"