From the Founder,






ICONS is about connection and quality. Our 'appointment only' museum sets out to redefine what a five-star art experience faithfully should be: an uninterrupted, intimate exchange of artistic appreciation. We have worked countless hours shaping an art experience that cultivates all the subtle details of nuance, beauty, and soul.


With our captivating showcase of portraits, sculptures, and atmosphere, we seek to inspire and inform all generations (young and old) on the outstanding creative individuals who have significantly transformed our world and who have become the new symbols of brilliance and adoration.


All in all, we believe that privacy is the ultimate luxury, and that genuine artistic quality will nourish the soul and stand the test of time.

I look forward to hosting you.

We formally opened our doors on August 5, 2019, to deliver an unparalleled and deeply moving art experience that you will find nowhere else on earth. 


Matthew Montero

Artist and Creator

The ICONS Museum

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