Board of Directors


Michael A. Cruz


Michael Aaron Cruz is the current Treasurer of The ICONS Museum. He assumed the position in March 2021 and serves the Board by bringing his trusted and vast experience in leadership and management accountability to ensure long-term sustainability and transparency. 

After graduating from Columbia University, Mr. Cruz spent five years at Cactus Holdings Inc. in New York City where he served as Special Project Lead for some of New York's biggest commercial real estate projects. In 2020, he left Cactus to start his own venture (Dasein Homes) when he saw a palpable need for 'secure housing' after experiencing firsthand the devastation from disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and most recently, COVID-19. His lifelong connection to art, culture, and helping the community has allowed Michael to support many charitable causes that continue to enrich communities in several states and help to build a better society.   


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