Titanium Membership


Mollie Richardson

A Cut Above.

Made from pure & unbendable

titanium, our exclusively designed membership card is individually tailored for each member and grants ultimate access to the museum, exclusive discounts on our products, and a chance to elegantly join the ICONS family and support our world-class nonprofit museum.  

Lifetime Membership.




With our lifetime membership program, you will never be bothered again with expiration dates or renewal fees. They don't exist here.


At ICONS, once you are a member, you are always a member. All proceeds go directly to supporting and expanding our educational mission.






Titanium Member Card

 (Engraved and Personalized)


15% Off Museum Store

(Lifetime savings)



Exclusive Viewings

(Before open & after close)


A one-time contribution


ICONS Membership Agreement

It is our genuine pleasure to invite you to be part of our lifetime museum membership program. Membership is non-transferable to another person or party. Only the specific cardmember may enjoy the benefits, perks, and access that are listed above. Each titanium card is individually letter-set and hand-finished. For a one-time membership fee of $500 dollars members receive the status of being a permanent member of The ICONS Museum and receive all the perks, benefits, and access that this membership allows. If you have any questions, please contact our museum at info@iconsmuseum.org or call us anytime at (800) 789-5840.We look forward to welcoming you as an ICONS Titanium Member. © 2022 THE ICONS MUSEUM. All Rights Reserved.