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Walt Disney

24 x 24 "

American. (1901-1966)

Revered as one of the most gifted and driven individuals in American history, Walter Elias Disney truly embodied American ingenuity at its best. Hailed as a genius at the age of 30 and a living legend by 40, his reputation preceded him, and he never disappointed. He was a consummate perfectionist who demanded the best from himself and anyone who worked for him. His pioneering work in animation, branding, theme park design, and overall family entertainment is second to none. He is the most awarded individual in entertainment history, with an incredible 32 Academy Award wins. He was a habitual smoker throughout his life, and at the age of 65 passed away from lung cancer-related complications. Still, his legacy and the many gifts he left the world, continue to reach and inspire generations around the globe.      

Stood for: Excellence, Imagination, Artistic Quality, Innovation




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