Board of Directors

Matthew J. Montero

Chairman and CEO

Matthew John Montero is the Chairman and CEO of The ICONS Museum. As the artist and original founder, his vision guides the long-term future and day-to-day operations of the nonprofit museum. 

After successfully creating and operating ICONS as a private museum for two years, Montero, at age 32, made the notable decision to turn over the entire museum and become a public servant to benefit the collective good of society. His unselfish commitment to advancing the quality of art experience in his home state has afforded him community awards, inspiring reviews, honorary speaking opportunities, and the admiration of his peers. "In the end, what I am most proud of is that no matter who walks through our museum doors, you will be treated with a magical art experience."      

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Favorite ICON works: John Lennon, Steve Jobs,

Jimi Hendrix, Gene Wilder, Walt Disney